Narkorin is a largely oceanic world. The beginning portion of the game takes place around and upon the seven island-continents. These are the places known life exists. Much sailing takes place between these continents as they really are not that far apart. Think Pangea as continental drift has only been happening on a relatively short span of geological time.

Narkorin was once a highly magical place. It was filled with all sorts of magical beasts, wizards, powerful priests, stalwart druids, and other things of high legend. That was until the Narheem Plague took the known world by storm over 300 years ago. This plague killed those that wielded magic, no matter if it was divine or not. Magical creatures sought refuge through the Gates of Tinurva. Those that did survive to reach the gates disappeared into another realm. They have not returned and the gate cannot be opened. Magic is rare. Even now, those that have survived the plague have a difficult time wielding magic. In some places, Great Selections are held to see whether or not you may have the spark to wield magic as in the days of old. Sadly, only one in 500,000 seem to hold the spark. Even then, they may not survive the training. Some have been able to master magic through time, patience, study, and hard work. Those people are slightly more common but their magic comes from much difficult labor.

In the time since the Narheem Plague, nations have risen and fallen. The gods of the Old Faith are threatened by the new crusading faith of The High Order of Unification. Armies of great beings fight over the continents. Warfare has become a favorite pastime for many in the known world. Piracy and banditry afflict the people. Disease and pestilence are common. Still, even with these problems, there are adventurers and scholars that seek to understand the nature of the Narheem Plague and perhaps unlock the mystery of the Gates of Tinurva.

Narkorin Adventures